Rest Support

Revolutionary three-stage coil system provides the balance you need for a deeper, more luxurious rest.

Core Support

This Sealy engineered single-stage support system features six turns for additional conformance and is twice tempered to provide deep down support that stands the test of time.

Posture Tech

This Sealy engineered single-stage support system features five turns for enhanced support. It is twice tempered for long-lasting performance and durability.

Comfort Gel Visco

A unique gel-infused, slow release centre third layer relieves pressure on your lower back.

Comfort sense material

An ultra-sensitive, super-soft material in the centre third of the mattress, quickly conforms to the shape of the body to absorb muscular tension.

Quality Comfort

Constant and extensive raw material, component and finished product testing in globally accredited laboratories provides our foundation for unmatched product performance. Our unique product architecture ensures comfort layers work together harmoniously over time.


Designed to disperse moisture as temperature increases, luxury fibres assist the process of evaporation which in turn assists cooling, maintaining the sleep environment at the ideal temperature.


Pre-compressed performance fibres ensure the mattress delivers comfort over time while reducing dips and soft-spots.

Unicased XT

Four walls of extra reinforced edge support wrap around the coil system providing a fuller sleep surface, increased stability and support right to the very edge of the mattress.


A reinforced mattress perimeter maximises the sleep surface, reduces lateral movement and ensures edge-to-edge comfort.

Edge guard

A support module inside the mattress perimeter ensures support right to the very edge and provides a stable seating edge.

Duraflex base

Combine your Sealy Posturepedic mattress with our stress absorbing Endurance Base engineered with DuraFlex modules to provide deeper support and long-lasting comfort. The way you style your home is an extension of you, and your bed is no different.


Handles are stitched to the walls of the mattress, making it easier to safely position or rotate the mattress each season. Sealy mattresses are single sided, meaning you only need to rotate your mattress every two weeks in the first three months, and every two to three months thereafter.


Elaborate and decorative embroidery provides a bright, vibrant and stylish appeal to selected ranges.

Air Vents

Vents are incorporated in the border of selected models to allow air to flow in and out of the mattress, maintaining a cool, hygienic and fresh sleep surface.


Intelligent fabric draws away moisture to cool and regulate your sleep climate while maintaining a clean and hygienic surface.

Cool Gel Fabric


Soft Knit Fabric

Our luxury knits are soft to touch and incredibly conforming, moulding to and enhancing the comfort layers in the mattress quilt. Designed and made exclusively for Sealy, the fabrics are also treated to ensure a clean and fresh sleeping environment.

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