Harmony of comfort, support and durability! Harmony of comfort, support and durability!
  • Establish a regular bedtime and wake schedule (try not to change the times on weekends!).
  • Exercise regularly, but not too close to bed time.
  • Consume less or no caffeine, especially in afternoons, and avoid alcohol before going to bed.
  • Sleep on a good bed.
  • Avoid nicotine.
  • Avoid heavy meals close to bed time.
  • Develop a sleep ritual (e.g. a warm bath before bed, listening to quiet music).
  • Your bed is made for sleeping – avoid doing everything else in bed, like reading, watching TV, working and eating.
  • If you can’t get to sleep for 30 minutes, get out of bed and have some warm milk or chamomile tea, then try again.
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